What terms did I violate?

The following message appears to my reader:
This blog is in violation of Blogger’s Terms of Service and is currently visible to authors only.

I want to know what terms did I violate? And who flagged my blogger is a violating one?
I never violated any terms in my life, neither the google ones nor any other terms I agree on.
I hope this problem will be solved soon


One Response to “What terms did I violate?”

  1. tarek momen Says:

    ياريت اذا عرفتي الترمس اللي اختقتيه او كسرتيه او لم تلتزمي بيه
    تبقي تقولي لينا عليه
    علشان ناخد بالنا مستقبلا من الترمس و الحمص

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